Olivia in Sweet Lolita

Hello Mommies and Babies! I'm back!

I know it's been a while...again. But life just happened. I took these photos last year and I have lots and more to post!

Here's Olivia in Sweet Lolita (Elizabeth Tuazon Version)
I got these pre-loved from co-mommy who has a really lovely daughter too.

I love this version of Lolita. I also love the petticoat skirt that comes with it
and the headpiece which makes it more classy and cuter. 
The only problem I had was the fit but I guess this is because I got this pre-loved so it was not especially made for my daughter. 

But overall, I love it and I recommend it!  She also sells custom-made outfits that mommies should check out!

Lolita Set with Headpiece : Elizabeth Tuazon
Shoes: Old Navy

More photo sets soon!

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