Modern Mermaid

It's been a while Mommies!

Our fashionista Olivia is back with a bang featuring this Mermaid Rompers from Savvylish Closet!

Olivia is now a year and 4 months and gone a long way with her milestones. She can't walk confidently yet but she can do multiple steps now. She's a smart little lady who loves Frozen (played multiple times everyday!) It's been a while since I last posted an outfit post. Here's a modern day mermaid rompers I got from Savvylish Closet. It's features purple sequins and silky mermaid designed bum with a soft tulle back wrap. I love the design and the quality. It also comes with a matchy bow turban! 

I've always wanted to dress her up with anything... from a Unicorn to a mermaid. It is my way of saying that my baby girl can be whoever she wants to be when she grows up. 

Savvylish Closet sells stylish clothing for your barbie dolls! I have more OOTDs to post from Savvylish Closet so watch out!! 

Check out this Modern Mermaid Rompers on Facebook: Savvylish Closet 

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