Olivia X Chibifashionistas

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted.. I've been actually waiting for these photos so I get the inspiration to post.

We had a fun shoot with Giantimages Studio in collaboration with Fayery Concepts for the Set Design to showcase and surprise you with pretty little things.
Firts off, here's my little Olivia wearing creations from Chibifahionistas.

Chibifashionistas' specializes in creating your dream Tutu Dress for your little princess. The designs are classy, detailed, and queenly. Not to mention that their creations are handmade. Tops are crocheted using high quality materials not garter headband. If you want your girls be princesses on their special day, then you should visit them.

Check out other designs they have below:

You can check them out on:

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