Hello 2017!

Olivia is turning 5 months this 18th and I decided to add words to this photoblog this time. So I could document Olivia's milestone and so at least it's this blog won't be just photos which for me is dull and seemingly without purpose.

Anyway, here's I think a good starter post for 2017.

These are throwback photos when she was still 2 months old.

Now at 4months

TOP AND SHORTS form The Little Closet By Zia
Headband from Audrey And Rachels
SHOT at Beauty Moments Cafe Salon, Spa and Cafe

Olivia can giggle now. That's one of the best things I got for 2017. She giggles when her Kuya makes face and chuckles in front of her. She giggles when I tease her or tckle her on her chin and neck. She can almost roll over. I worried a bit because I thought she can't hold her head steadily at 3mos but she can do it now. Amazingly, she can sleep with All I Ask by Adele and How Far I'll Go Moana OST on repeat. She likes it so much when you talk to her. She's a heavy sleeper. She seldom cries. When she's awake she hates it when she's just lying down. You have to carry her around,

Will update this as soon as I get her weight and height!

See you on my next post!

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