My First Tutu

 Snapseed + VSCO Filter 10

 Snapseed +VSCO Filter C3

 Snapseed + VSCO Filter A7

Snapseed + VSCO Filter 2

Snapseed + VSCO Filter c3

Happy December 1st everyone!! These photos were taken October 21, 2016. I was 2months and 3days old. Mama decided to take photos with my first tutu dress. Mama gave this dress to my cousin 2 years ago. Ate Pia gave this back to me because it doesn't fit her anymore. I hope my tutu and my background cheer you up today! Feel free to comment down if it did. 

Oh, and by the way, my blog was nominated as Favorite New Blog at the Davao Blog Awards!
Pray for me! 

See you next photo set!! KISSES! 

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